Managing your Euro coins collection
has never been so easy before.

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Collecting coins has always been a blast, managing and keeping track of them not so much –
but this is about to change with CoinHamster, a beautiful web application for an Euro coin collector.


CoinHamster is free and we intend to keep it that way. (We might start brewing pro accounts with expanded functionality in our lab.)

Complete database

It comes with always complete database of common and commemorative Euro coins from which you can add coins to your collection with just a click.

Easy, beautiful & fun

We believe that CoinHamster is one of the best tools for Euro coin collectors. We designed it with ease of use in mind and we strive to make it perfect for you too.

Make it yours

You don't collect coins from all Euro countries? No problem, you can easily set up your preferences to only work with coins from countries you're interested in.


Ever wondered how many coins do you miss to perfect your collection? Take a look at your collection stats displayed by various categories as nicely as it gets.


You can always export your collection as CSV file, which can easily be opened in Excel or any other spreadsheet you are using.

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